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KazAvtoMir is one of the leading automobile companies in Kazakhstan, which has established itself as a reliable partner for millions of motorists and companies.

Activity of the company:
1) Implementation of the supply and sale of all available model range of any car brands.
2) Repair and maintenance of any cars. Having at our disposal a repair zone with an area of ​​more than 7,000 square meters, we carry out major repairs of cars and trucks vehicles with the restoration of up to 100% of their operational properties, depending on the customer’s desire.

We offer assistance in conducting and organizing major repairs. Our experts, according to the terms of reference, will carry out all the necessary work and restore your cars.


KazAvtoMir is the TOP-5 among the leaders in sales of new and used cars in Kazakhstan of most brands. Ambitious goals and challenging competitors have been part of the company's strategy from the first day of its foundation. We value our business reputation and always monitor the quality of customer service.
And soon we plan to launch an online store with the ability to buy new and used cars without leaving home. Studying the best international practices in online car sales, we strive to make the purchase process more convenient, faster and independent of the time of day and location of the client.

Online sale is very convenient for the client, because:

  • Significantly saves the client’s time - now there is no need to go to the dealership to reserve a car;

  • Reliable - guarantees a car reserve - your car will be waiting for you;

  • Convenient - you can safely study the characteristics and configuration of various models at any time and in any place convenient for you;

  • Favorably - when reserving a car online, our company makes a better offer for cars, accessories and a full range of services. 


Every day KazAvtoMir sets itself more and more ambitious goals and is looking for new opportunities to achieve them.



Would you like to buy a car, but do not have enough money to buy? We provide an opportunity to buy a car you like on credit at one of our partner banks.
Leasing is one of the most effective financial instruments that provides a real opportunity for organizations and entrepreneurs to update their fixed assets, increase the competitiveness of services provided, and reduce tax and operating costs.
Trade-in is an effective and easy way to update the fleet, because the cost of cars accepted under the program is offset against the cost when buying new cars (including when leasing).

We carry out repair and maintenance of cars of any manufacturer. Having at our disposal a repair area of ​​more than 7,000 square meters, we also carry out overhaul of cars of all brands with the restoration of up to 100% of their operational properties, depending on the customer’s desire.

Our service provides its customers with a very wide range of services related to the repair of a car body in Kazakhstan. Our experts are able to not only remove minor dents or polish the car body, but the body shape can also be completely restored. The timing and cost of the work will depend on the complexity of the body repair.
The condition of the chassis and suspension are the main factors affecting safety during riding. Diagnosis and repair of the chassis should be carried out by professionals in a timely and proper manner. Locksmith repair involves a very large list of works that are carried out to eliminate vehicle malfunctions and maintain its performance, among them: repair of the chassis of the car, repair of the brake system, replacement of components and assemblies of the car.
Being the owner of any car, you can always get the necessary service support during the warranty and post-warranty period at our service station.


We invite manufacturers and suppliers to cooperate:

  • If you are a manufacturer of new cars and are interested in expanding your product market

  • If you sell new or used cars and are interested in expanding your product market

  • If you are a manufacturer or distributor of original auto parts

  • If you are interested in expanding production, we offer the assembly or joint production of your cars or specialized equipment at the facilities of our factory

  • If you cannot buy new cars for your company, then we offer cooperation on the restoration of GAZ, PAZ, KamAZ, UAZ and other cars


We are interested in cooperation with you! Our partners are companies and people who are interested in developing business and long-term relationships! To discuss the form of cooperation, please contact us in any way convenient for you.

Be prepared to provide all the necessary documents for your products and additionally necessary information.



Kazakhstan, Almaty,

st. Zlatoustovskaya, 29

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